Frequently Asked Questions

What service does MOBEEAS provide?

MOBEEAS was conceived to help educators find experts who could help teach, mentor and inspire their students.

  • MOBEEAS gives experts and enthusiasts the opportunity to share their knowledge and promote their willingness to help teachers and students in and beyond the classroom.
  • MOBEEAS enables educators to engage suitable experts and enthusiasts in customised, collaborative learning opportunities.
Can any expert or enthusiast sign up as a MOBEEAS candidate?

We refer to experts and enthusiasts as MOBEEAS candidates. People whose skill in a particular area is valued by educators can register with MOBEEAS and be advertised as candidates ready for educational engagements. Candidates may be school students who have skills and knowledge to share right through to active or retired professionals. In order to successfully register as a MOBEEAS candidate you will need to have:

  • A current Working With Children Permit
  • A referee who can attest to your skill levels
  • Evidence of your qualifications
How can organisations or individuals use MOBEEAS to find experts and enthusiasts?

In order to find and engage MOBEEAS candidates, organisations and individuals are invited to register as a MOBEEAS HOST. Registered MOBEEAS Hosts can seek assistance from suitable candidates by posting up a MOBEEAS opportunity. When you create your opportunity you will be able to specify:

  • Preferred start and end dates
  • Times and days of the week that you would like the candidates to be available
  • The skills you require of eligible candidates
What does it cost to become a MOBEEAS host?

To become a registered MOBEEAS host you will be required to pay for six or twelve month’s subscription to the MOBEEAS service. Each six month’s subscription includes access to the MOBEEAS database of registered candidates and one engagement token. Each time you find a candidate that you would like to engage you will need to surrender an engagement token. Additional engagement tokens can be purchased as you need them.

How can I engage a candidate?

Once you have listed an opportunity as a registered host, approved candidates with the skills you require will be suggested. You can contact them via email to find out more about their skills and expertise and to arrange an interview if required. You will be given the option to invite a candidate to engage in your opportunity. If they accept you will need to assign them a MOBEEAS token, then work can begin as negotiated with your candidate. Several candidates can be engaged in a single opportunity, but each will require a token.

How is the candidate paid?

Unless Candidates are engaged as volunteers, the Host is required to pay each candidate no less than the minimum award wage for their services in accordance with the Australian Fair Work Act or the equivalent in your region.

How does sponsorship work?

Sponsorship of an opportunity usually entails covering the cost of the MOBEEAS token(s) required for candidate employment and candidate wages for the duration of the opportunity. Sponsorship may extend to covering the host’s subscription fee along with the costs of any goods or other services required throughout the opportunity.

Any registered MOBEEAS sponsor can sponsor one or more opportunities. Potential sponsors can view listed and active opportunities, and indicate their willingness to sponsor an activity via an email to One of the MOBEEAS team will contact the potential sponsor to discuss sponsorship options.



Anyone who would like to offer their services as a volunteer or paid employee will need to register as a MOBEEAS Candidate. The skills they can provide will be verified by a referee. Candidates are required to obtain Working With Children permits and police checks for the state they will be working in, unless exempt as outlined by the relevant authority.


You will be able to accomplish everything you want to achieve from your dashboard. Members who have multiple MOBEEAS roles will have multiple dashboards. If you are a new user you will need to create your dashboard via the HOME screen.


The term “Host” is used to describe an independent user or a representative of an organisation that is approved to create and manage collaborative learning opportunities. Authorised Host Administrators can do all that a Host can do, and can also purchase MOBEEAS tokens and renew subscriptions.


Anyone that would like to create a collaborative learning opportunity that is not representing a school or organisation is referred to as an Independent Host. For example, a parent who would like to use MOBEEAS to find a tutor or mentor for their child would be referred to as an Independent Host.


Collaborative learning experiences are referred to as MOBEEAS opportunities. Each opportunity is created and managed by a Host and may be funded by a Sponsor. The Host can specify the skills required of any Candidates that they would like to take part in the opportunity. MOBEEAS will suggest registered candidates with the specified skills. The status of an opportunity is determined by the Host.

  • Draft Opportunities can be saved and edited before being listed. Only the opportunity Host will be able to see the draft opportunity.
  • Listed opportunities can be seen by any registered MOBEEAS user and are able to be promoted to sponsors. Candidates can be engaged once an opportunity is listed.
  • Active Opportunities can be seen by any registered MOBEEAS user and have at least one assigned candidate.
  • Completed Opportunities can be seen by any registered MOBEEAS user. Completion reports must be submitted by the opportunity Host and any Candidates who were engaged in the opportunity.
  • Archived Opportunities can not be edited but are available as inspiration!

Any educational institution, government agency or company that registers with MOBEEAS is referred to as an Organisation.

  • Completion Report: The host and any candidates engaged in an activity are required to complete a report at the end of an opportunity so that timely feedback can be provided and any recommendations considered.
  • Progress Report: Hosts and Candidates can submit as many progress reports as they would like throughout the duration of a project.

Any individual or organisation can sponsor MOBEEAS opportunities. To find out more, contact


In order to use MOBEEAS to filter suitable candidates for opportunities you will need to purchase MOBEEAS tokens. One token is required for each candidate for each opportunity. Only authorised Host Administrators can purchase tokens for their organisation’s use. Tokens can be purchased on line. Alternative methods can be arranged. For further information, please contact