Become a MOBEEAS Host

If you are looking for someone with knowledge, skills and experience that you’d like to engage for a one-off event or a regular program, become a MOBEEAS host. You might need someone to help as:
  • A mentor for a classroom activity or after-school program
  • A judge or marshall for a school or community competition
  • A guest speaker at a school or community event
Registered MOBEEAS hosts can post opportunities up on the MOBEEAS website. We’ll step you through the process as we gather details about who, when and where you’d like some help. If we have a registered candidate that matches your requirements, we’ll provide a contact link so that you can get in touch and arrange a meeting or interview. Suitable candidates will also have the opportunity to contact you via the MOBEEAS website.
In order to best meet your requirements, when you register you’ll need to let us know whether you’re associated with a large organisation like a school, or whether you are an individual or owner of a small company. This is so that we can offer appropriate authorisation processes.
Registered hosts can advertise paid or voluntary engagements. In some cases you may prefer to offer a voluntary trial that then leads to a paid engagement. Payment rates and terms are negotiated between the host and candidate with advice from MOBEEAS if required.
In order to become a registered host you will need to pay a subscription fee:
  • A six-month subscription for organisations such as schools costs $120.00 (excl. GST) and an annual subscription can be purchased for $200.00 (excl. GST).
  • Independent hosts can subscribe to MOBEEAS for a year for $80.00 (excl. GST).
Each time you engage a candidate you’ll incur an engagement fee of $70.00 (excl. GST) in the form of a pre-purchased token.
  • An organisation's six-month subscription includes one engagement token.
  • An organisation's annual subscription includes two engagement tokens.
  • More tokens can be purchased as you need them.
MOBEEAS can help you engage a specialist to inspire your teachers and students or participate in an event, so